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New York-Dublin Portal: What is the OnlyFans Girl’s Name Showing Boobs?

The OnlyFans model Ava Louise recently made international headlines after her inappropriate behavior led to the temporary shutdown of an interactive art installation that connected New York City and Dublin through a live video feed.

Background of the New York-Dublin Portal

The New York-Dublin Portal was conceived by a Lithuanian visionary as a technological and cultural bridge between these global cities. The concept aimed to foster unity and understanding across borders through uninterrupted, 24/7 live streams showcasing everyday life in both locations.

New York-Dublin Portal

Aims and Objectives

  • Promote cross-cultural interaction
  • Create a sense of global community
  • Enable real-time communication between distant places

Despite its noble intentions, the project hit an unexpected snag due to unforeseen behaviors from some individuals leveraging the platform for personal gain.

The stunt that changed everything

Ava Louise, a 25-year-old OnlyFans model, gained instant notoriety when she decided to flash the portal linking New York City and Dublin. This public exhibition not only caught locals off guard but also raised questions about the ethical use of interactive art installations.

Immediate Reactions

Upon flashing the screen, Dublin City Council had to intervene swiftly, citing concerns over propriety and respect for public spaces. The event escalated quickly on social media, with many viewers capturing the incident on their phones and sharing it widely.

“I thought the people of Dublin deserved to see my New York homegrown potatoes,” Louise said, justifying her actions. While some bystanders found the stunt humorous, others were critical of the disruption caused.

Ava Louise

Consequences and measures taken

The Portals Organization, responsible for managing the installation, took immediate action to counteract any further misuse.

Barricades and Monitoring

Following the incident, physical barricades were erected around the New York side of the portal to prevent similar events from occurring. Authorities in both cities have ramped up efforts to monitor activity closely to ensure a positive experience for all visitors.

The Portals Organization stated: “As Portals Organization, we do not intend to suggest how people should interact with Portals; our goal is to open a window between faraway places and cultures for free interaction.”

Temporary Deactivation

Due to continued misuse, including Louise’s X-rated performance, the portal was temporarily deactivated, pending stricter guidelines and monitoring mechanisms. Despite reaching out, Gizmodo did not receive an immediate response regarding when it may be reinstated.


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